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Eye on Design

In the high-end real estate world, you typically hear about the trend of building up. But there is a growing niche of affluent homeowners who would rather build down

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Wine Cave

This custom-designed underground wine complex houses a cask storage tunnel; special rooms for bottling, tasting and dining; and a wine library.

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Ultimate Home Tour: The Cave

Although the idea of modern man attempting to build an ultimate cave may be rife with irony, the subterranean spaces that Bacchus Caves creates dispel the notion that something so primitive cannot be luxurious. Since 1997, Bacchus Caves owner David Provost has been tunneling into mountains…

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Carving out a niche for underground spa, wine bar at Meritage Hotel

NAPA, Calif. —  …Dave Provost can tell you. Provost, president of Bacchus Caves, is the guy who literally dug a hole into the hill, excavating 15,000 tons of earth to create the cave. “This cave is insane,” he said, at the grand opening…

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Hideaway caves: A perfect place to mellow

NAPA, Calif. —  …Typical is the growth seen by Napa-based Bacchus Caves, one of a handful of companies constructing holes in the earth. All their contracts used to be with wineries, building massive caves to store fermenting grapes. Today, some 60% of their clients are homeowners…

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Modern-Day Cave Men

Wealthy collectors, enamored with the romance of wineries’ underground cellars, soon realized they could have their own wine hideaways. David Provost of Bacchus Caves in Napa says half the caves he digs these days are for collectors…

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Wine Cave Digger

We build big caves for commercial wineries to make their wine, sell, and store it. The biggest was 19,000 square feet and took a year and a half. We also dig personal caves, which are usually about 1,000 square feet. It’s a niche market–people want caves for all sorts of things…

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